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Pricing on Collections

Wholesale pricing on the collections is upper end:

YaccoMaricard Japan:  $95-$180 for shirts, pants, jackets and coats designed in Japan, fabricated in their dedicated factory in Thailand: landed costs; domestic shipping is extra.

Urban Tribe from the French Concession of Shanghai: $70-$220 for sophisticated "streetwear", with hints of Asian influence.  Designed in Shanghai, hand-dyed, woven and some printing in Yunnan section of China. Landed cost includes international shipping, customs, currency exchange; domestic shipping will be added is extra.

Ulrike Isensee from Hamburg, Germany: $50-136 for exuberantly-made scarves and capelets, which are a combination of silk, cotton, etc. This is the landed cost, inclusive of customs, international shipping, etc. Domestic shipping will be added.

Dagmar Binder from Berlin, Germany: $100-142 for hand-dyed and felted wool/silk sculptural scarves.  These are for immediate delivery, and are at landed prices. Shipping from New Mexico to your store will be added.

Jack Cave from Chicago, Illinois, USA: $44-48 wholesale price for the most creative "fabric collages" of luxury fabrics (silk, cotton, wools, etc): PocketArt.  These are one of a kinds, and can be selected for immediate delivery. Domestic shipping is extra.


Rosanna Contadini of Neo, Rome, Italy: $25-65 wholesale for colorful neoprene necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and $95-200 wholesale for neoprene knitted, crocheted and twisted handbags and clutches.  Domestic shipping is extra.