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Pricing on Collections

Wholesale pricing on the collections is upper end:

YaccoMaricard Japan:  $95-$200 for shirts, vests, jackets, dresses and coats designed in Japan, fabricated in their dedicated factory in Thailand: all costs are landed; domestic shipping is extra.

Urban Tribe from the French Concession of Shanghai: $90-$200 for sophisticated "streetwear", with hints of Asian influence.  Designed in Shanghai, hand-dyed, woven and some printing in Yunnan section of China. Landed cost includes international shipping, customs, currency exchange; domestic shipping is extra.

Ulrike Isensee from Hamburg, Germany: $50-150 for exuberantly-made scarves and capelets, which are a combination of silk, cotton, etc. This is the landed cost, inclusive of customs, international shipping, currency exchange, etc. Domestic shipping will be added.

Dagmar Binder from Berlin, Germany: $90-142 for hand-dyed and felted wool/silk sculptural scarves.  These are for immediate delivery or Autumn (mid-July), and are at landed prices. Shipping from New Mexico to your store will be added.

Margo Selby from Whitstable, England: $83-133 wholesale price for brilliantly creative jacquard-woven silk and polyester scarves.  A highly graphic combination that is uniquely Margo. If you are already working directly with Margo, great; you can also place orders through TOKo Enterprises (Jill) at Studio Atelier, and this won't affect your cost.  Shipping is within 4-6 weeks. Prices are landed.  International shipping will be added for orders under $800 per delivery.

 Begoña Rentero of Granada, Spain: $29-56 for sculptural paper earrings, $85-$175 for imaginative paper necklaces and bracelets that are inspired by nature (flowers) and sculptural impressions of cities and exotic places visited.  Prices are landed.  Domestic shipping to be added. 

Rosanna Contadini of Neo, Rome, Italy: $25-65 wholesale for colorful neoprene necklaces, bracelets and earrings, and $95-200 wholesale for neoprene knitted, crocheted and twisted handbags and clutches. International shipping of about 10% will be added, as well as a small amount for domestic shipping.