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Global Fashion Rep

TOKo enterprises, LLC consists of Jill Heppenheimer, and her dog, Toko. Fashionista friends, Mary, Kumi and Trish, help with sales during tradeshows. Thank goodness!

Jill Heppenheimer was a womenswear merchant in Santa Fe, New Mexico for over 20 years, featuring artisan clothing and accessories.  Since then, she has continued her work of bringing a small number of creative, high-end international collections to the US marketplace.


We are always looking for a few excellent locations in the US and Canada for these brilliant womenswear and accessory collections!


As Atelier Designers became an established fashion trade show in New York, it opened us up to wonderful small studio designers from the world over.  Loving travel herself, Jill has searched far and wide to find great clothing and accessory collections, previously for her gallery, and now for her 40+ select accounts in the US.  We are delighted to introduce new designers and to spread the reach of small studio designers to great, established US retail buyers

at our new show, "Studio Atelier NYC".


Exclusivity by market is available for YaccoMaricard only, depending upon volume.

If you are unable to attend the New York trade shows this upcoming season, we can send you the linesheets, and in some cases a Lookbook by email.


How to reach us:

Jill Heppenheimer (and Toko)