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Presenting SPRING/SUMMER 2019 & Immediates -- Studio Atelier NYC, SEPTEMBER 14-16, 2018 (& by afternoon appointment on Sept 13), with some immediates available.

YACCOMARICARD-clothing collection from Japan; orders for February and March 2019 deliveries.

Urban Tribe-"haute streetwear" collection from Shanghai's French Concession, orders for early November 2018 and February 2019 deliveries.

Ulrike Isensee-exuberant scarf/accessory collection from Hamburg, Germany, orders for early November 2018 and February 2019 deliveries.

Neo di Rosanna Contadini-neoprene jewelry and handbags, from Rome, Italy.

Introducing at this show:

Dagmar Binder-hand-felted merino wool & silk sculptural scarves from Berlin, Germany. These are for immediate and for late Winter 2019.

Jack Cave-fabric collage into PocketArt, a modernist take on the Pocket square for men and women. Jack hails from Chicago, Illinois, USA. These are for immediate.



A Global Fashion Feast: Clothes for Moving Through the World!

at the Studio Atelier NYC Wholesale Trade Show, at 500 W. 36th Street, at 10th Ave, 1st floor, SUITE 301.


TOKO enterprises, LLC

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